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Our Electronics Company make all reasonable efforts to deliver high quality electronic parts for our members and meet the needs of all members in a better way by providing quality content on our website.

We strive to ensure that every content downloaded from our website is free from viruses. We are not responsible for any damages occurred while downloading and because of the information there on the website.All the content there on the website are only for general information.

We are not liability for:

Links to the other online electronic sites from the pages there on our websites is for general information purpose only and will not be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred caused because of the pages there within our website.

We regularly review our web links to protect our visitor from threats and links provided on the website for reference and convenience only.

Content on the site:

The content on the site is only for information purpose. We take steps to check the issues of false news and investigate to resolve the issue.

You may not modify or change the content there on the website without contacting us. You may download for personal purpose only and do not rights to violate the laws.

The website is available to everyone but we will not give guarantee or any kind of warranty for electronic components to anyone.